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Leasing has many cash flow and tax advantages over direct purchases for business equipment. Aspire takes a consultative approach to help determine the best structure and the most advantageous approach to financing your business. With over 20 years of experience, Aspire will guide you through the leasing and finance process, allowing you to spend your time focused on what you do best.

Sales tax, licensing, shipping, setup fees, warranties and training can be included within your lease and help you preserve cash. We also have options for providing additional operating capital to handle payroll, supplies and reserves too!

Leasing 101

With simple underwriting we can approve up to $250,000 without financials and generally fund within 48 hours. Larger ticket items, slow credit and new businesses take a bit longer but are much less burdensome than corresponding bank loans.

Leasing Basics

Simply said, leasing is asset-backed lending. Terms are flexible: Capital leases act like a loan and you’ll own the equipment when the term is up; Operating leases act like long term rental agreements with lower payments and flexible purchase options at the end.

Quick Application

Unlike loans and credit cards, leases will not affect your personal credit. Leases do not encumber your business with blanket liens. Applying is fast and easy.


Leases are for main street and for big business alike. We can help from as little as $1,000 up to multi-million dollar packages and master lease plans.
If it is tangible and profitable it can be leased

Over a trillion dollars of equipment is leased every year to companies ranging from single-person operations up to Fortune 100 companies. 97% of Fortune 100 companies utilize leases and chances are you should too. Virtually any type of business equipment that has a nexus to generating profits or running your operation can be leased, including software, metal buildings and even cattle!

  • 96 Percent Approval

    With minimum transaction size is as low as $1,000, we can even get approvals for challenging situations

  • Fast Funding

    Most transactions up to $250,000 can be closed within 48 hours with our application-only streamlined process

  • Big Business and Main Street ALike

    97 Percent of Fortune 100 Companies Utilizing Leases

  • Up to 100 percent Financing

    Sales tax, license, warranty, service and setup can also be inlcuded in most lease packages

Heavy Equipment and Construction
Heavy Equipment and Construction
“Yellow” equipment is our specialty and we can get deals done fast so you can start work on your next contract. We do construction and building equipment, cranes, and forestry. Check out our ROI and Section 179 calculators to determine if it makes sense to add to your fleet today.
Transportation and Trucking
Transportation and Trucking
We can help you with your medium duty and Class 8 truck needs. Aspire can include custom equipment and upgrades into your lease so you can keep your cash reserves in reserve!
Supply Chain and Production
Supply Chain and Production
Warehouse equipment, forklifts, racking, metal buildings, logistics software, and industrial machinery can all be leased economically and effectively. We can help you prepare for your expansion while preserving cash flow.
Office and Workplace Productivity
Office and Workplace Productivity
Whether you’re creating a cool and productive workspace or looking to expand your office, these investments can add to your bottom line and we make it easy! We can help with computers, software, imaging, telecom equipment, and the furniture and fixtures you need.
Expanding your mining operation can lead to increased profits We are experienced with earth moving equipment, conveyers, stackers, trommels, wash plants, generators, pumps and support buildings. Contact us to put together a package, whether new, used or bidding at auction.
Dental and Medical Office
Dental and Medical Office
Outfitting a new office or upgrading your existing practice is easy. We work with most vendors and have flexible funding terms. Contact us for a free ROI analysis to evaluate your purchase.
Fire and Law Enforcement
Fire and Law Enforcement
Life saving equipment isn’t cheap. We can provide terms for your capital expenditures including fire engines, ambulances, law enforcement equipment and search and rescue. You know what equipment you need. We are the experts on making it possible.
Municipal and Recreation
Municipal and Recreation
Financing government capital expenditures with a lease has distinct advantages. We can help with those in public works, park and rec, golf, road and water district, metal buildings, MSW, buses and heavy machinery. We match expenditures to expected lifetimes so you can budget better.
Agriculture and Farming
Agriculture and Farming
Don’t be limited on equipment for your operation. We can help with your financing needs and have seasonal payment plans. We can finance new or used, and even help with a sale-leaseback to generating additional capital.
Aircraft and Jets
Aircraft and Jets
Purchasing an aircraft is an exciting adventure. Leasing is one way to reduce true costs and can have distinct tax and operating advantages. We can help with turboprops, turbine, piston, helicopters and more. Contact us early so we can best assist you.
Restaurant and Hospitality
Restaurant and Hospitality
Are you starting a new restaurant or upgrading your establishment? We can help with reasonable terms and fast approval for both new and used equipment. Hotel remodels and upgrades can also be financed.

Why Lease?

There are several distinct advantages to leasing over bank loans or paying cash

Save Cash

For many businesses, this is the number one reason to lease. With our equipment lease program, which is designed around your specific capital needs and budget, you make affordable monthly payments over time, saving your money for business expenses, expansion and operations.

Avoid Outdated Equipment

Equipment leasing may help you stay on top of the latest equipment advances and technology. Being able to upgrade to newer equipment when your lease is up can give you a strategic advantage too. This is especially a good option for companies whose equipment is periodically updated with better capabilities and newer tech.

Preserve Business Credit

Every business owner knows how important it is to keep your business credit lines healthy and open. Getting funded for property purchases, expansions and operations all require strong credit. By utilizing lease financing for your equipment needs, you can keep your bank lines open so you can respond quickly to opportunities. Leasing helps you build your credit profile without consuming your credit availability.

Better Balance Sheets

Monthly lease payments are viewed as business expenses instead of liabilities or long term debts, strengthening your bottom line. Having little or no debt on your financial statements can be a huge benefit when it becomes time to obtain business funding.

Capital Leases vs. Operating Leases:

There are two main types of leases. Each has distinct advantages. In operating leases, the lessee has the right to use the property for a period of time. At the end of the lease period the property is returned. The lease expense is fully deductible and does not affect the balance sheet. In many ways an operating lease provides you the benefits of an extended rental without the headache of long term ownership. In a capital lease, however, the lessee assumes some of the risks of ownership and enjoys most of the benefits. A capital lease is recognized both as an asset and as a liability (for the lease payments) on the balance sheet. The lessee gets to claim depreciation on the asset (including Section 179) and also deducts the interest expense component of the lease payment each year. In general, capital leases recognize expenses sooner than equivalent operating leases with accelerated depreciation expenses available. Capital leases often work best when you want to own the equipment at the end of the term instead of giving it back.

Section 179 Advantages

Section 179 is an easy to use tax incentive that gives you a strong incentive to invest in yourself by adding capital equipment. You get to acquire new equipment now while keeping more capital in reserve, a strong win for you and your business. With a capital lease, you can take full advantage of the Section 179 Accelerated Depreciation Deduction for acquiring equipment yet make small payments instead of a large capital outlay. You can acquire and write-off up to the deduction limit worth of equipment this year without actually spending that amount out of pocket by taking advantage of the Section 179 Deduction. Capital leases can include “$1 Buyout” and “$100 Buyout” leases along with “10% Purchase Upon Termination (PUT)” leases. In many cases, the amount you’ll save in taxes will be more than the total of your first year’s payments. Contact us now to discuss this option. The equipment must be put into service by midnight on December 31st.

Vendor Program

Our Elite Vendor Program is easy and helps you grow your business with simplified closing, increased profits and higher customer satisfaction. Contact us for details!

Consider a Sale-Leaseback for Your Liquidity Needs

Unique Solutions

We can help with your unique capital needs

Sale Leaseback Program

If you already own equipment, we can help you free up cash flow and assets by structuring a sale-leaseback. You keep the equipment you already know and love, and we help you with funding for your bottom line. What is a sale leaseback? It is a simple transaction where you transfer the title of your equipment to the funder in exchange for a lump sum deposit (the sale part of the transaction). You then agree to lease the equipment back by making payments (the leaseback). When the final payment is made, you will again own the equipment, and in the mean time had vital capital to use in your business.

Going to the Auction?

We can get you approved for financing in advance. We will provide you with an approval letter you can take to the auction, allowing you to bid with confidence. No more letting a good deal get away!

Payment Deferral Options

We can defer your payment for up to 90 days! We also have seasonal payment plans available for businesses with irregular cash flow like agriculture and tourism.

Non Profits, Churches, Municipal

We can finance all manner of entities, including churches, schools, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, municipal government, special districts, and state and federal agencies.

Master Lease Program

Make your life simple with an Aspire Master Lease agreement. We can approve you for your entire annual capex in one easy underwriting. Then adding equipment is as easy as inserting a simple schedule for new asset acquired.

Aspire Lease and Factor

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